Admin Dashboard

Create events, invite attendees & manage your guest list in one place. Get to know which events are coming up next with statistics and reports to make informed decisions.

  • Get detailed stats about guests and seats expected for your event.

  • Broadcast messages to your invitees/guests via sms or email. Send messages to individual guests as well.

  • Setup the perfect event profile picture, header and add images to your gallery to showcase your key event pictures and captivate your invitees. Showcase your keynote speakers, bridal party or anything in-between.

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Stunning Guest Page

Get access to a beautiful responsive guest page for each event which gives your guests all the information they need to know about your event and allows your invitees to RSVP to your event.

  • A unique URL for your event guest page.

  • Secure your guest page, allowing only your invitees to see your sensitive event details.

  • Open RSVP guest page which allows anyone with your event guest page URL to RSVP to your event.

Protocol Portal

Our protocol portal allows your security/ushers/protocol personnel to search for guests and admit them to your event.

  • Mobile friendly portal for on-site personnel to admit guests.

  • Let your protocol know which guests are VIP's to ensure they give them the unique attention you believe they deserve.



Our ticketing portal provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to all your event ticketing needs. Here are some of the features you can expect.

  • Customizable ticket types and pricing to suit your event requirements.

  • Sell multiple tickets online while tracking sales and revenue in real-time.

  • Payments are required to confirm RSVPs, ensuring an accurate headcount for your event.

  • Competitive commission rates.

  • Create as many discount codes for your event at any time for your marketing campaigns.

  • 24/7 Customer support all in one place.

  • Manage your finances with ease by requesting a payout or settlement anytime after your event date.

What Our Clients Say


We are still in the process of ensuring we price the offerings of our product in a fair manner that provides the best value to all individuals in our target user bracket. Fear not, whether you're an individual, a religious body, a startup or a multinational company, there will be something for everyone. Till then please feel free to make use of all our features and don't forget to give us feedback.


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